One of my main priorities is developing a relationship with your cats so they can be as relaxed and content as possible while you are away. So in addition to providing food and water and scooping the litter, I spend time petting, brushing, and playing with your cats. I often find that after a few days alone even the more reserved felines come out for attention. If you have a cat that requires medication, I will also administer the medicine per your instructions at no extra charge.

Included in the price of a visit, I bring in the mail and newspaper, alternate lighting at your request, open and close blinds, take out garbage and recycling, and water indoor and outdoor plants. I also may be open to following through with specific requests.

Before scheduling services for the first time, I conduct an Initial Visit (free of charge) with you and your cat(s). This is a time to meet and make sure that we are a good fit for one another as well as to learn about your routine and acquire important information from you.

Please Note:
  • Rates are based on length of visit not number of cats. If you have five or more cats, a 45- or 60-minute visit may be preferable depending upon amount of work involved.
  • At this time there are not extra charges for key pick-up, medication administration, holiday visits, or cancellations.
  • I require one visit per day (i.e., I do not conduct every-other-day visits). This is to check on your cats' safety as well as to make sure they get enough attention.