A little cat humor

  • An Engineers' Guide to Cats
    Disclaimer: The Cat Lady does not endorse the practice of corporal cuddling.
  • TV Dinner - Simon's Cat
    Check out the other Simon's Cat videos on YouTube! I think you'll relate.
  • Stalking Cat
    Who hasn't played this game with their cat? It's a classic.
  • Henri: The Cat Who Channels Sartre
    I adore Henri and his existential angst.

  • Henri: Paw de Deux

  • Henri: Le Vet

Going Old-School: Books

Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology
by Caroline Paul (Author) and Wendy MacNaughton (Illustrator)

I must confess I have not read this book, but this review made me add it to my shortlist. The illustrations are poignant, yet infused with wit.